TPT's original cover for 'Abducting the Unicorn', 1999.

First TPT album ‘Abducted at Birth’ to be reissued on Kscope soon


Bruce Soord is busy remixing the first TPT album ‘Abducting the Unicorn’, which will be reissued soon by Kscope under the original title ‘Abducted at Birth’. As is tradition with past TPT reissues, the new edition of ‘Abducted at Birth’ will feature new artwork. Bruce posted this message on TPT’s Facebook page asking fans to help contribute to the new artwork…

‘I’m remixing the final TPT re-issue for release soon on Kscope. It was the first album I wrote back in 1999. I always wanted to call the album ‘Abducted at Birth’, but the label at the time insisted I called it ‘Abducting the Unicorn’ as a reference to my old (and at the time more successful) band ‘Vulgar Unicorn’. The album was loosely written about how we are all, in some way, indoctrinated from birth. So the album title was nonsense. Thankfully, Kscope have agreed to re-issue it with the right title!

Here’s where you come in. The new album artwork is going to feature shots of babies (or young children) with their parent(s) or guardians. The more enigmatic the shot the better. From any time in our history. Shots we use will be fully credited. Like this christening shot featuring a baby who now works at our label! 

If you want to get involved please upload your shots with your details and a brief description of the photo to:

Please ensure that the family/friends featured in the pictures don’t object to potentially being used on the front cover of the album.

TPT's original cover for 'Abducting the Unicorn', 1999.

TPT’s original cover for ‘Abducting the Unicorn’, 1999.


Dan Osborne to replace Keith Harrison as The Pineapple Thief’s drummer


The Pineapple Thief today have announced that long time drummer Keith Harrison will be replaced by Dan Osborne, permanently. Here is the statement published by the band earlier today on their official Facebook page

The band have announced today their first lineup change in nearly 10 years, with Dan Osborne joining to replace Keith Harrison on drums. Of the change Bruce Soord says: ‘It was a difficult time for everyone involved and it was sad that things had to come to an end. Dan joined the band last summer before we moved into the studio to track the new album. We are all looking forward to moving on in 2014′.

Dan Osbourne (far right) toured with Wisdom of Crowds in December 2013

Dan Osbourne (far right) toured with Wisdom of Crowds in December 2013


The Pineapple Thief in the studio for the tenth studio album


The Pineapple Thief have been recording their follow up to 2012′s ‘All The Wars‘ at Snap Studios in London. The band have been sharing some photos showing the recording process on their Facebook page, which I’ve posted below. The band’s tenth studio album doesn’t have a set release date yet apart from ’2014′. We’ll keep you updated as things progress.

Bruce Soord and Steve Kitch will be teaming up with Katatonia’s Jonas Renkse to tour ‘Wisdom of Crowds‘ next week. Tickets for the tour are available here.


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